Me and my Lil twin.... It's too hot outside to do anything.  Even swim!!!
  • drayamicheleMe and my Lil twin.... It's too hot outside to do anything. Even swim!!!

  • nickeeyleeAll yall crazy lol calmmm down
  • neriotfhThat's a good look.... out of all ur photos I was more happier seeing this one. Keep up the good work.
  • mrs_wyssCuties
  • gotdamnitbrandiIG posts of your child doesn't make you a good mom. Actually protecting your child from these sickening "perfect" people is actually better. They dont deserve to even look at your precious blessing. Everyone acts like their life is fckn peachy but reality is that impossible. No1 will ever know their dirt because its not being stalked or announced. I applaud your strength and ability to ignore ignorance. Half of these people have no children and don't know how shaken up you can get when someone speaks about your child. I am sure you would kill. Keep up the work. Your a beautiful person inside and out. And the people that matter see it. 😘😘 #witchafineass
  • xoangelicaf_Why wouldn't he that's his damn mom.. girl yu are silly just like yu look now bye!
  • tangiemarie42❤❤❤
  • leathervsdenimLove this..
  • jaylanjainamom@sweetapple27 he will find out shes a celebrity that owns her own clothing line & host hit tv shows? Lmao you haters kill me never make any sense forever putting your foot in your mouths
  • lena.starrCute pic 👍😘
  • fi_baeSweet FU*K ! I never get over how long her damn fingers are. My GAWD lol
  • mslailalopezY'all do look like twins! Your son is so handsome:)
  • dafamgramsKnew I saw you from a distance at NoHo Park wearing this. Keep doing your thing Draya
  • drayamichele@lenastarrr thanks for always commenting and being positive
  • gcyvh😊☺
  • ladyashinee#YESYES your twin!
  • ercanselck_No sexy
  • barbiebitchdamzI actually love you your so pretty sexy simply amazing...and just PERFECT
  • _.merciixe._You two are so cute. God bless you guys. 😊
  • itssmae_😍😍😍😍😍🙈😜 prom date #2016 @sodraya let your son take me to prom 😂😌
  • paulayoungphotoAdorable!
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