• djmatarimy bad i dont mean to call ppl haters just don't pay attention to negativity
  • thecreditqueenYes girl don't pay them no attention! That dress was badddd!!! God gave you that body!
  • seattlekdPls excuse Me @msgood , Itz not #Christian like.. butt.. If U #instaHaters #tele-haters Need ur Face & Nose #Phaded #Dented #Crashed #Bent for talking #Dis & #Rude to & about #People.. Holla #Pros #AverageJoes #AllHaters. Only #Suckaz #Hate on #Solid #GoodHeart #SuperBlessed People #GodShowedHerFavor Quit tryna #Drain it & #Recharge yo #Life from her #Joy
  • lisajen1827Mrs.Franklin please dont allow people to judge you. You and your gorgeous. Just like you said in a statement. You are beautiful person who has absolutely wonderful life ahead of you, no matter what it looks like now. You are awesome God bless you and your husband. May all your desires come to pass.
  • adriannacolbert@mdiggs_martinez thank you, i appreciate it yes, that's what I was trying to get at. But it was taken as passing judgement or condemning. Not the case, just speaking words out of love.
  • osmond.greenRT:Judge the fruit and her fruit was out there for the world to see - being a role model takes a lot of sacrifice even for a simple thing,like dress ;)
  • jazz.ceeso because someone points out that it's inappropriate to wear the dress she has on it makes them a "hater". I'm so sick of hearing that word thrown around. It's no longer just her I'm the public eye, it's her and her husband. She's a representation of him and vice versa. They took a vow (if im correct) to abstain from sex until marriage, only to have her showcase her goods? Call me judgmental or a hater ALL you want it won't phase me. But if you proclaim to live by a,certain religion then you do it 100%. don't try to justify your wrongdoing.
  • jazz.ceethat dress was inappropriate. period. deep down u have to know it's the truth
  • alwaysenvyme@msgood when you are a Godly person, you don't judge people! You looked amazing and continue to dress the way you want! #Hypocrites will always be around! #Stayblessed
  • meagangood@osmondgreen29 agreed .. And plenty Of sacrifice goes into decisions I make daily -on many matters that you'll never know -you'll only see the after... A dress is not my fruit ..it's just a dress
  • meagangood@thejazzyc I don't proclaim to live by a certain religion ..as a matter fact I don't follow religion ..at all ..I follow Christ only and His spirit that dwells within me.. And that spirit is not in an uproar over a dress.. That spirit is in a happy uproar about all that I have become inside and am yet to become.. I don't think that you're a hater ..I think you are expressing your heart and how you really feel.. And that's okay .."I" know the work that God has started in me ..and permission is not needed for him to finish it the way "He" chooses.. To be clear- I don't believe deep down inside that I did anything wrong ..only Acknowledge that had I known I was presenting a gospel award lol I would've chosen a different dress -just so that I didn't offend anybody in the Christian community who may not understand that my convictions are not the same as some of there's... Had I not been presenting that particular award -I would've worn the same dress.. Lol And probably gotten the same response to certain degree.. But to be honest I was in the middle of filming and didn't have much time to think about anything else and certainly didn't expect some of responses that I got... Especially the hateful ones from some Christians ...But regardless I will continue to be who God made me to be ..until he wants me to be something different - if ever ..Love you and Godbless you
  • danighrams@msgood I certainly didn't think anything was wrong it because as you said your convictions are not the same as someone else's and I think that's the hardest thing for some people to understand👏
  • misshood17@msgood I have to applaud you for how you are handling all of the negative criticism. What people fail to realize is what you wear does not define what God is doing for you and in you!!!!
  • two_leftfeetI didn't think what one wore described Their faith or their character
  • mschejI think you was beautiful and did not see any problem with it at all
  • osmond.green@msgood must be another hard week :) pray for a wisdom for u in this kind of situation \(´▽`)/
  • kaiwife_plus3you are clothed in love and faith... keep moving past what others think @msgood
  • adetoru@thejazzyc People will not understand no matter loud your voice is. I get that we all have our convictions but then,they should be based on God's word.
  • whisper2trustWell, what YOU WEAR DEFINES what GOD you serve, what HE is doing through you and what he will do for You....(1Timothy 2:8)
    Even if @msgood does not have the remorse to apologise to we disappointed fans, she should apologise to her maker and refrain from such indecency @eyemsodope @msgood I have to applaud you for how you are handling all of the negative criticism. What people fail to realize is what you wear does not define what God is doing for you and in you!!!!
  • dchart7I so agree with jus.jazz and I'm not a hater ! You are beautiful without showing your body for men and women to list after!
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