NEW PODCAST EP UP NOW! and on iTunes!!
  • shanedawsonNEW PODCAST EP UP NOW! and on iTunes!!

  • twentyonedodiesI love your podcasts ♥
  • amzia02Your watching Shane dawson and friends where the excitement never ends just open your ears look down at the rap or shanaynay will bust a f****
  • amzia02** cap in your a**
  • sophieeelakeSit back and relax not look down at your lap @amzia02
  • screamoxtechnoI have LG Motion.. And i can't find that itunes or sound cloud apps to listern to your podcast!@shane da
  • screamoxtechnoShane dawson*
  • screamoxtechno@aej0511 i don't have wifi.. Just my phone wifi :/
  • majamatboue#yum
  • skylilleyThese podcasts are hilarious I can listen to them when I'm cleaning my room, or doing something else pointless and boring!
  • codfan130I just finished your first podcast, it was hilarious.
  • its.mersonI love ur podcast!!! There sooo funny, they make me laugh so hard my parents think I've gone crazy.(even though I have)
  • maggieflackdownloading them right now👏
  • fay.proYou should make more , quick ! Please ! I'm listening to it right now .
  • taylorisperfAm I the only one who tried to find that six year old shame talked about ....
  • sznchezim in love with your podcast @shanedawson
  • katrinahuynh_Go
  • katrinahuynh_Away
  • katrinahuynh_Eggplants
  • alicia.lopezzOmg I just listened to that it was so funny!!!!!
  • tracyeetWhat was the 6 year olds instagram
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