Some rhymes for ur hearts.
  • adamlambertSome rhymes for ur hearts.

  • paulineisdeadCan I cry now??
  • shayshavit7Awww.... This is the most beautiful, sad, sweet and powerful thing that I ever heard...
  • alicejiang0915these sweet sentences almost make me cry ...
  • asdghkkooaajgffor sauli? ;)
  • unknown_ma9:’(:’(:’(:’(
  • namelessignitionThank you~~ it's so beautiful
  • debberrificTruth.
  • moonur_qabilqizi
  • burningazeemossLove them,love you
  • clobodahoboJust perfect ❤❤
  • rainbow_moose2002Awww love it
  • leettlerainbowI love this !
  • noya821Amazinggggg !!! I am a bigggg fun of you and your music i'm a Gleek and inlove with your character Eliot come to Israel you have alot of Israelis funs ! We love you soooooooo very much !!!!! @adamlambert if you respond to me just so i know u read it ,It will mean the world to me !!! Thank you so much Noy :)
  • noya821Sorry for my English ;)
  • alexandralambert94love it
  • sara198232Hi.i'm from iran and one of your fans.i'm glad to hear good things about you.wish you to be happy
  • midnightmagic23Aww thats so sweet it was just beautiful
  • manola.manoI will give my life and my heart and my soul for someone I love him cause not everyone get amazing person I know that person and I can feel he's always with me and he always near me and actually the love something good and beautiful but we don't see the good and beautiful time no we see the bad time and that's why we feel the love something not good . Thanks adam for this amazing pic
  • rudisalam27@daniellaeleora
  • thatvale😍😍😍
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