The #Leafs have selected Frederik Gauthier with the 21st pick #NHLDraft
  • mapleleafsThe #Leafs have selected Frederik Gauthier with the 21st pick #NHLDraft

  • tomnastosWhos cares about this guy we just got bolland!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • julianserpaBolland is the best
  • hooves04French Canadian Nightmare. Worse than The Hockey Sweater.
  • gup1caAbsolute steal value wise!! This kid is gonna be the next Jordan staal
  • lexie_migone95Did the leafs get a new goalie?
  • matta705Wheres this broad been ^
  • jonathanprentice@timmgibb siiiiiick
  • incubus2112@lexie_migone95 the leafs don't need a new goalie, they have a solid starter with Reiner and back up now with Bernier. They need to focus on their defence.
  • camlatimer29This guys is gonna be great in the future. Who doesnt want a 6'4" 217lbs 2 way fwd with almost a 1 goal per game average in the Q
  • timmgibb@jonathanprentice so dope!!!
  • mnsm17Reimer is the back up @incubus2112 bernier is a stud
  • lawrenceulat1) Kadri will not be a #1 centre for upcoming season 2) this you ng guy still needs seasoning for at least 2 more years 3) we are still in the hunt for a #1 centre
  • jskajfithis better be a good one
  • lexig_21People who says bolland is overrated, honestly he's not. It looks like it. But he is a big agitator not exactly a goon. But at the same time he has a great shot and a ridiculous amount of skill for a grinder and he gets into scrums which is fun to watch. And most Importantly he always produces in timely moments like game 6. And in game 7 vs det he hit nyquist which allowed seabrook some space to score the OT winner. He's a great teammate and guy. It's great to see him play in his hometown but hard to see him go. Good luck bollie!
  • _cm_idrk_gswI'm a hawks fan and I'm glad Toronto got bolland
  • ladylegal3Bolland is injury prone and gets a lot of stupid penalties...the gwg in game 6 was a garbage goal...not a skill shot. Bolland made a lot of mistakes during the playoffs and was responsible for a lot of goals against Chicago. Bottom line...3.75 M is too much for a 3rd line centre. 2 cups is
  • ladylegal32 cups is not what you are getting...if you got Toews or Kane its a different story...but Bolland doesn't always show up during the season and on
  • ladylegal3....really only showed up in the last round of the playoffs. It's not the price of the's the hit his salary takes out of the cap that is the issue for me.
  • mattieboy7777Where's carter verhage
  • eugeneluisLook at Chicago's top 6. I don't think a lot of guys in the NHL would crack that. He's a gritty yet skilled forward. Case and point- London knights. NHL teams shape their players to fit roles. Bolland is a big boy, should fit in nicely in Toronto!
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