Fuck yeah @chriscobracole that's what i like to see!!!! Good shit congrats dawg
  • nyjahFuck yeah @chriscobracole that's what i like to see!!!! Good shit congrats dawg

  • _justin_02_U would of won if u were not injured
  • ioncareboutthis@mijosuave he may be the best skater now but he won't be the best ever skateboarding keeps changing you hav ends guys like Chris Joslin Alex milder who all shred and will be better just in timw
  • 93nerk@classicneil congratulations faggot
  • terryb_s@nerkwebb he is a facking sick skater. He ain't no faggot ,you bitch
  • izaalschris coooooole
  • jaksonzaharogiannisThat was the best trick of the event, to bad you couldn't skate @nyjah_huston
  • kyle_b_clarkTre flip fifty fifty?
  • zack_stephensonNice
  • ioncareboutthis@mijosuave Nyjah is a great skateboarder but I don't like his personality something's he does I just don't care for. But you also need to realize that there is always gonna be someone who is a lot better than you. There may not be a wholes bunch now but in five years there will be quite a few who are better than him. He is stil to young to have him be called the best and its also way to early. But congrats Chris you earned it.
  • herstwoodskateboardsSik!!!! vr3L flp drk sld?
  • wira_atmjaSick
  • laju_uwatse@__will______ stop talking shit
  • ioncareboutthis@j_stunner explain how I'm talking shit?
  • ioncareboutthis@j_stunner nyjah has an amazing talent but I'm Sauk g because he wins lots of street legaleugs doesn't make him the best and there will be guys out there in the coming years that will@be better like take a look at like second hand smoke or questionable at that time they were best skaters well are they the best now no. They are still very good but not the best
  • hiago.cjChris Cole
  • magictravTake your arguments somewhere other than a pro skaters instagram page, Jesus people like this are pathetic
  • reese_boolinsNow that's a skater
  • ohsk89Chris cole is amazing
  • reese_boolinsChris cole is way better then nyjahs bitch ass.
  • taylormckingstonIn my City!! #MUNICH <3
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