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  • jasonderuloBig Boston show with @1033ampradio sound chk is unreal!! Free concert @ city hall this afternoon it's gonna be maaaadd Craaaaaazyy!!

  • areolaaaaaU were AMAZING today !!!!!
  • victoriakuangIt was so much fun! You did amazing!!
  • blueg.rlThe fact that I'm in this video somewhere is awesome :))
  • taylernatornationOh hey there... That's me :3
  • caitlynsniderI SEE ME
  • beccapodgurskiI was there and i love when u sang in my head ... shirtless
  • oh_its_amanda_You were one of the best. Your dancing is amazing <3
  • hannah.berkeOMG I was there and I just want to say that I love it voice and ur abs
  • greasyvibesI SAW YOU! You were definitely one of the best
  • jackiegreco96I was there u were ahmazing!!!
  • dance_momz_lovaI see myself! Jk jk
  • ashleymarie.oxI was there supporting you baby <3 i love you so much <3 i can't wait until you come back to Boston !
  • wolfiexcI love you songs
  • mduffey15I was there! You were so good! I have never heard you b4
  • yarinbenhayun@shahar___cohen איזה נסיךך❤❤
  • shunycohen@yarinbenhayun חתיך שלנוו
  • xoxoterrixoxoThat's crazyyyy. Looks like a full audience 😱
  • shanielyyyx3I remember this day. Waiting for hours in the heat, people all around you smelling like armpit and fainting. Omg this day was absolutly insane but it was one of the best days of my life. My first concert it was amazing.
  • zapatatwin2My city
  • corneliusbrightSir! My names Cornelius I'm absolutely a huge fan! Actually was at this concert & recently was at state fair to see you here in Wisconsin! My girlfriend is probably your biggest fan tho! I would love to you your attention in anyway! Even if you tweeted me HEY! @Corneli73407720 Your a huge inspiration & impact on my life. Thank you
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