Getting ready to take the stage at tonight's #BETawards. Tune in to BET at 8pm EST
  • rkellyGetting ready to take the stage at tonight's #BETawards. Tune in to BET at 8pm EST

  • mrsairellI love u Kelly. Undeniable talent. I'm from Chicago as well I wish you the best. Keep doing if for us.
  • cab40Wow....gud performance...
  • delicate23Low skills in lust and sex but talent in music that cannot be a
  • delicate23Awarded due to terrible low life personality for love toward people in general sad if he repaired that he could be bless kelz need repent to gospels. For the scriptures would teach him his faults and mistakes!! Money won't make him at all long as his inner perceptions of personality don't change! Sad
  • officialjhearts@delicate23 just why
  • officialjheartsI love you @rkelly
  • jamiciangirl_nana24If you need a great winding dancing let me M.I.A.
  • jamiciangirl_nana24Let me know great performance to.
  • bidkaU really did your thing at the Bet Awards!!!!! Love every song u did, I was at work jamming!!!👍
  • moonriteYou were great. ..R.Kelly.
  • moonriteYou were great. ..R.Kelly.
  • kiki121082Please I need to see you
  • leelee_246♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • maryb_28You killed it @rkelly
  • sarahsmile_714Loved every second of your show
  • mizzheffnerLet them younging know who the king is
  • iamdee_deeYou never cease to make me proud! I just watched your performance again the other night 😍 @rkelly
  • nenegirl79#IknowThatsRight @rkelly
  • chitownsouthThe best out the Chi hands down @rkelly
  • _2dope2smokeI absolutely love and admire you as an artist and a person I know practically all of your music including "Trapped In The Closet" I would love to work with you and be mentored by you. Im sure you won't reply to this but I salute you on all of your great work! I saw a interview you had and you were talking about where "I Believe I Could Fly" came from and that kept me motivated to continue to write music no matter if it's for the moment or 19 years later!!! I love you God Bless you #TrueFan #Salute
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