Bye bye Glastonbury!
  • milliemackintoshofficialBye bye Glastonbury!

  • andrewandzandThug life
  • suzmorton72Hope you had a fabulous weekend @camillamackintosh xxx
  • stephykgRocking the @thehorsebird at Glasto.
  • alanandalfie_Wayyyyy to skinny! Put on some weight please Millie, you look like a stick insect. Women should have curves
  • isijohnsonn@larnyloo93 no women should have the body they want
  • lottie_eb@larnyloo93 women come in all shapes and sizes. They can look however they want whenever they want, it's called bodily autonomy.
  • alanandalfie_@lottiepop4 @swimpeed lots of teenage girls look up to her, being this thin is not sending out the right message. Yes I accept the fact people come in different forms but being this thin is unhealthy, a lot of doctors would class her as underweight. Personally I look up to women like Beyonce or Christina Hendrick, those are women who are proud of their bodies and don't starve themselves to look like a teenage boy!! Pro green has got nothing to hold on to!
  • julnb_@larnyloo93 what and people being bigger is healthy? 90% that just means that people don't eat healthy or exercise so why is eating unhealthy food and giving yourself more health problems better? Underweight doesn't necessarily mean unhealthy and not all women naturally have curves
  • alanandalfie_@julia_breden so your saying people with curves are unhealthy and must eat unhealthy food? So curvy is fat is it? Yes Millie has a naturually boyish figure but she could do with putting on a few lbs
  • julnb_No, not at all, as to why I said "90% of the time".
  • alanandalfie_@julia_breden yes exactly so you're saying the majority as it is a high per cent. Anyway I'm not even that bothered who is she? Some posh girl off a shit reality show? I'm a curvy girl I am not fat and I lead a healthy lifestyle, is kelly brook unhealthy? Curves are curves fat is fat there is a difference
  • isijohnsonn@larnyloo93 leave her alone if she's happy that way then theres nothing wrong with it, if people want to look up to her that's there choice just leave people to it
  • bethanyphoti'Starve themselves' ??? Some people are naturally skinny and some are not, if people can be proud to be 'curvy' then people can also be proud to be skinny neither is unhealthy some people just have a fast metabolism
  • alanandalfie_Kelly brook or millie mackintosh? Hmm I know who I would rather look like...
  • lauhmtn@vicki545 this will be us, you can be Millie!
  • alanandalfie_And you are?? @bethanyphoti
  • lorisabucklesThe park was my favourite place! X
  • sidekixzThe #furr
  • tkfinex#
  • ootnmagazineWe love it! :)
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