YES!!!!! I got my girls w/ me!!!! @bukowskimuse @karacsax @styleingrace1 #betweekend #girlpower #goodtimes
  • monyettashawYES!!!!! I got my girls w/ me!!!! @bukowskimuse @karacsax @styleingrace1 #betweekend #girlpower #goodtimes

  • shegrowsdaily👏U have the sweetest former partner ever! He loves his miracle! Best wishes boo! I've never seen a public social media shout out like he did for u!😉
  • killahunibYikes. Maybe they decided to break up. Maybe he discusses with her that he was going to post that so he could let the world know without speculation from the media and they wanted ppl to know so they could both move on without folks saying wth? When they begin to date other ppl. Yall are going crazy on him & don't even know the back story! U look gorgeous Mo & so happy :)
  • felisha_ms_construedNot for nothing this is a personal matter between the two of them. You voiced your opinion a little to freely @universalhappiness with the statements you made towards him. Which is not right. If you're calling him ignorant and a slum and a jerk you just joined his club. Never interfere in a man/woman affair because tomorrow they will be hugged up and you will be on the outside looking stupid. I'm not into the social media beefing/war thing I'm just voicing my opinion because he's a friend and so is she. Have a blessed day everyone.
  • nudaye_@incognemo stay strong u know they say things happen for a reason...and god places people in your life for a season,I wish you guys the best in your life endeavors and keep the M's first and co parent together
  • myhesastarBeautiful girls
  • mrskelloCute! @incognemo
  • gemzfayStay strong @incognemo sorry to hear about you and @neyoisred I know break ups are never easy even when they are amicable. I know you will both do the best for your kids and put their needs and priorities first. Xxx
  • jartiaGirl u did that! Cute.
  • tyeltgfit@universalhappiness you seem so bitter. You spending your hard earned money was a personal choice and has absolutely nothing to do with @neyoisred and @incognemo, who are also friends of mine, personal relationship. @totallymsundastood is right. They are both celebrities in their own right but that doesn't give you the right to judge either of them. I'm sure you will want to go tit for tat but trust, neyo and Mo (myself and my sis totallymisundertood) are doing them/us and they aren't worried about your little "hard earned money". Be easy mama. You got your own life to live. Go live it instead of worry about someone else's. I also don't get into this kind of drama but it's disheartening to see how "fans" are so quick to throw a stone at the first sight of "failure".
  • felisha_ms_construed@universalhappiness ????? You're the only one mad tho... Mo is doing her happy and content. She don't have any worries. You're a customer exactly and you should stay in your lane. He can say whatever he wants it's a free country. It's people like you that the both of them laugh at. Your hard earned money. Next time keep it your investment didn't make him skip, jump or leap. The nerve of you. The blogs should now read @universalhappiness attacks Neyo Verbally because she's broke.
  • dreams2lyfeMuch love
  • danyell81When I read what Neyo posted it was quite awkward. I don't think everyone should know such a personal matter if it casually comes up that's a different story. I just don't think Instagram, twitter, Fb is the correct platform for people to display so many very personal facets of their lives. Nonetheless, they have two beautiful kids together and I wish them the absolute best with co-parenting and the future in general..
  • tyeltgfitIt's steal not still baby girl. I'm done. @totallymsundastood never argue with a fool...they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  • felisha_ms_construedIn my eyes she will always shine @universalhappiness stick to your day job as a fan. Take her spot she's in a class by herself I'm just on the team. Have a nice day boo. No hard feelings.. I love my family fans. But FYI keep in mind you're just a fan. By the way google me!!!!!
  • felisha_ms_construedI know sis. I'm off this. I love both of them the same. @tyeltgfit @universalhappiness should have never verbally attacked Neyo. She's a Fan not a Friend.
  • _kaywilsoOmg! Love your shirt! 😱
  • htown4lifeTurnup! #kevenhart turnup!
  • imvoguee@commecoco does her shirt look familiar.
  • commecocoHahahahahah holy moly! Yes yes @imvoguee
  • monyettashaw#monyettashaw
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