I'm so ready for this album to drop #magacartaholygrail #jayz #rubin #hiphop #happyfourthofjuly #july4th
  • lukewessmanI'm so ready for this album to drop #magacartaholygrail #jayz #rubin #hiphop #happyfourthofjuly #july4th

  • itsbobroseSo am I man!
  • kreesta_del_solRick Rubin. #pioneer
  • smeikle007Say Word!
  • dayissotallPfft gimme credit dude
  • tattoojohnnyIsn't it a broadcast that day?
  • sara_teafireworks and jayz by far two of my favorite things.
  • bittrsweettwistI ❤ Jay, I really do and I'm psyched for his album! That said, the whole promo with samsung, I don't get it...he doesn't need the publicity or the money for that matter...something about it seems off to me...just my opinion!
  • kool_g717@bloodeesoxx u obviously don't know good rap
  • gaijin665Ok @blade_brown - his lyrics are ... Good for a head nod, but put him next to battle MC's there is just no comparison. I can't deny him everything, yes as I said his flow is decent I have been listening to him since aint no nigga and I will stand by that.
  • gaijin665Exactly @mi4mimike Pharoahe Monch, Necro, of course Nas, Guru, Meth, Defari, Immortal Technique, like I could just go on and on ... @blade_brown record sales do not equal talent I'm sorry.
  • prophbundy^^^ did he just say Meth is better than the God MC? baaahahahaha
  • lukewessman@prophbundy 👆
  • gaijin665What is god MC? @prophbundy ?
  • prophbundyWhat's this post about? @gaijin665
  • gaijin665Gotcha @prophbundy - however nicknames aside, method man is an infinitely better lyricist than "god" MC. I'm sorry but that's just my opinion.
  • lukewessman@gaijin665 @prophbundy we all have our favorites, and our opinions. Be easy homies, all for the love of hip hop, and we can argue all day about
    Who's the best MC's, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas .)
  • prophbundyOpinions are cool with me. Although i do think that's a tough sell, and not many people would agree. @gaijin665
  • gaijin665I mean yea, really no reason to argue. You can try to discuss your own side till your blue In the face. I learned long ago that people's tastes are their own. Healthy argument is just that. That's why I'm grateful that there are so many types of music for us to all enjoy😎
  • lukewessman#MCHG
  • apocalippsCan't wait to work with Rick again
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