Last time we had #Toxic looking like whaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! See you there today!!!! #fineassgirls #lure
  • drayamicheleLast time we had #Toxic looking like whaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! See you there today!!!! #fineassgirls #lure

  • squinchi_ihcniuqs:-);-):-D:-(:'(:O
  • prettysantos@queen_e_iii amen lol ok!
  • iamhollywoodbeexy@yourfavprican awww thank you
  • kingarthurviYa lookin like super stars right now yo whats really good here!? :-)
  • kaialexa_dreamWhat is the red skirt called???? I've been searching forever!!
  • 2thfairy_rdhI just don't understand why you have to be light skinned, mixed or even skinny to be a fine ass girl! What about the brown/dark skin women they are fine too! And yes I'm small framed but what about the heathy plus size women? I usually never comment on celebs pg bc they never read what u write but I'm a young black women and I think it's sad that every pic of a fine ass girl she's mixed with long hair! That's not realist and def not a good look for children who adore you i just wanted to no why so shallow minded, But the line is great and I never knock any bodies hustle or success @sodraya
  • criolabonitaAmazing
  • macopley@futurerdh_2013 I see black girls in the bunch.. Have you also checked out the site? @briiibeauty is black & she promotes fine ass girls & I think shes beautiful. You just have to know you're fine as hell, with a killer sex appeal & tell when have you seen a fat girl look sexy with barely any clothes on?
  • naecuteass@futurerdh_2013 ur color blind cause I see 3 girls in this pic that are not light skin and why are u in ur feelings????? What u mad cause u not a fine ass girl???
  • naecuteassO I see a thick one directly in the middle as well
  • 2thfairy_rdhIf u read I clearly said light skin/ and mixed so maybe you shud brush up on that and I was just voicing my opinion you don't have to like it or pay any attention to it just like the pic and keep strolling!!!!! @naedamilf
  • mzethiopianqueenAww I want to be part of #fineassgirls
  • _officialritta_Cute ladies!!! The girl wearing that red skirt is a beast!!!! Body is a beast!!!! #handsdwn
  • _officialritta_Well lord!!!!!!!
  • diamondthedollPlease tell me where i can get that red skirt it's gorgeous
  • n_fidoxxFineassgirls
  • vababyxoxoxThat skirt is so hot and your working the hell out of it!!!!
  • anthronioWho's that girl to your right @sodraya
  • eshaleair@d_broadnax the red one
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