Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk?
  • dooceWalk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk?

  • mandyfavaloroCrazy eyes!
  • nevillejacobsWalking's overrated, so I just don't do it.
  • l821lI love you, your blog, your girls, and especially your dogs! Long-time reader in Maryland.
  • kaitlins_Mine starts doing a dolphin jump when we say the word. I'll trade you for crazy eyes.
  • aimeelovesbooksMine start barking and dont stop
  • dooce@ltmd12 thank you so much! Hello!
  • lisagilbertAww, this is such an authentic moment. Love your view of the craziness!
  • petcobraGoddammit now I want a dog.
  • hmv003Like resting their heads is some kind of reverse psychology dogs play. My dog does the same. "What? A walk? Nooooo, I'm perfectly fine, thanks." But you can see the nervous twitch in their eyes...
  • kimpuglianoI so understand.
  • mcclintonLove it.
  • lulugirl1974i think your dog might want something...just a hunch.
  • nichogramThe intensity.
  • josypeteOh so familiar!!!
  • simplyhaunathe dog is so cute
  • dooce@petcobra no, no you don't.
  • christinamh12He's getting grey hair. Poor old Chuck.
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