This shit is so weird!!!! Wish them nothing but the best.
  • mintzplasseThis shit is so weird!!!! Wish them nothing but the best.

  • esmin23@jedijbuckaroo no, you're overlooking the obvious. He had a few years left on his contract and so did the old guys on the team. They will be irrelevant for the next few years. He didn't want to stick around for the rebuild. Fled to LA for the easy way out. He wanted out.
  • esmin23@jedijbuckaroo on top of all of that, you're an idiot, bro.
  • zaencrusade@esmin23 hahahah cute. Danny ainge was the one who initiated the trade talks and traded him anyways.. if he was retained he would have showed up to his job, if u thibk he sould have not, that indeed makes you an idiot. Why would Doc, who coached his ass off for a team, who did EVERYTHING He was asked to and more even want to be around a CRAPPY celts team with their best player rondo now injury prone. Face it every coach in any sport wishes they had better talent if they in fact don't have it. That was mutual as it gets. It's the nba not the nfl.. Coaches aren't as influential as the outcomes, if your team sucks, old, and injured, you won't win. Not once did doc say publicly anything bout wanting to move... U cocksucker
  • esmin23@jedijbuckaroo I stopped reading after you said Ainge initiated the trade. It's called saving face. Obviously your butt hurts. Put some ointment on it.
  • emmily57:(
  • wallythecat5Nets are going to kill the Knicks this year. :(
  • barrychimstin@esmin23 is right dicksucker @jedijbuckaroo
  • barrychimstin@esmin23 is right dicksucker @jedijbuckaroo
  • zaencrusade@firstfive oooooohhhh tough guy.. Have fun being a badass u fucking faggot of a cheerleader
  • mr_carloser@jedijbuckaroo @firstfive ohh shit u both are wrong Paul and Kevin are going to the New York marlins. I fuckin hate people who don't know shit about golf
  • _miadlKevin G hatin on Ray Allen for not being loyal then KG going to Nets... #ironic #nbabusiness
  • bostonviphost😞🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
  • jshea50Dude you are even more the man for liking the Celtics!!! But yeah this season is gonna be so awkward...
  • danxtullyThat's a squad
  • capnkaliyou're so fucking hot. like punch me in the face you're that hot.
  • keiflysI cannnooooot waaaaait
  • seanplexYeah Im a somewhat nets fan now.....dont tell anybody!! Hahaha
  • 12414h_1244cIts really sad. Its unreal. There not goinna retire as celtics...
  • tom_searsWow.. You're a Celtics fan?
  • tom_searsI really appreciate that man
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