And these two aren't bad either. @itsvortiz
  • seanloweksuAnd these two aren't bad either. @itsvortiz

  • layniee02😍😍
  • amandafaye0119Sexy!! @seanloweksu
  • _alyssabhallDaaaaaang 😍😻👌😏😛
  • nicolebrown1016Love the facial sean ;)
  • loftys_daughter87@seanloweksu @itsvortiz :) bromance
  • jenna_lodewyk@seanloweksu come watch our volleyball tournament tomorrow! we're in Dallas! @jbalash23 @amber_amber_amber_
  • jenna_lodewyk@loganbyrne1
  • bradford_83They are cutie pies
  • deliamcdonoughDear Sean Thomas Lowe, Hi my name is delia and I am your biggest fan. I stared watching the bachelorette last summer and I instantly loved you. Not only did I love your looks but your personality. You are so kind and caring and you pour your heart in hope to find true love. After you were sent home I stopped watching the bachelorette because the only one I cared about was you. I knew you would bounce back because you are amazing. I then starting looking up information about you because I was curious to know more about you. I can tell you that I honestly know that you were born November 16th, 1983 in McKinney, TX. You went to Lamar High School then Kansas State University on a full scholarship for football in which you were number 56 and a linebacker. You then met Andrew Shull and set him up with your sister Shay. I have emailed Shay twice and she has responded both times! She is so sweet! I know I may sound creepy but you truly inspire me every day to be a better person. When I found out you were the next bachelor I stared screaming! I then counted the hours until it was on! I was so happy that you chose Catherine and I am so happy that you two are still so happy together. I know you are really busy but if you could RESPOND it would make me the HAPPIEST girl in the world! I love you so much Sean! And I always will! congrats to you and Catherine! ❤😘😍💕😍😘💕❤ ~Delia 14 years old Boston, Massachusetts
  • dreamingofvenice@delz1098 that's pretty creepy
  • blueeyes2683She's 14 give her a break. If she was 30 I'd worry.
  • gabss26I was relieved to know she was 14. @blueeyes2683
  • gabss26Is*
  • angumeroOhhh... Tat was a long note frm delia. Good to know tat you have so many fan... Sean.
  • robynsckrapnickLove this babe💞
  • robynsckrapnick@delz1098 I don't think it creepy at all!! You are a young fan who went the extra mile to find out as much as u could about the same Sean Lowe- #handsome#gentleman#sexy #sweet. Go for it sweetheart!!
  • robynsckrapnick@blueeyes2683 haha-I agree!!!
  • you are honestly so cute.
  • caitseidelI know this is kinda a lot to ask for, but my close family friend Mackenzie just finished her last chemo treatment. She's only 13 and has survived cancer FOUR times!! I was wondering if you could go to my twitter @caitseidel and retweet my tweet about her (the link to the tweet is in my bio on twitter)! She's gone through a lot in the last 10 years and we want her to know just how many people love and support her!! It would mean a lot and Mackenzie would be thrilled!! ❤
  • jrob709Nice pic...pic captured that moment...thanks 4 sharing.
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