New vid in 12 hours!!! I'm excited....and nervous!!
  • shanedawsonNew vid in 12 hours!!! I'm excited....and nervous!!

  • lesleyeatsbrainsLol !! @melanycastillo
  • ashton.newkirkU look like my brother when he found out he had herrpies.Lol
  • ryandancaIt's funny because you stare into your phone like that.
  • eva.hillsI am such a huge fan😝😝😝😝👍
  • isabellabeam_If he's Ackting why would he do it then he did not act you can date a girl and still be gay
  • br.okee@shanedawson
  • claratanryFan fic one?
  • caistonscholesHa shane im 13 and i love to watch ur youtube channel u r awesome and i say screw all those people that say u r gay
  • whereisnasirayu look like kaleb nation here ._.
  • motionlessinblackblood👍
  • shania_martin13Sorry to say this but are you trying to be perverted
  • caitlinjaurigueI know this is weird but I watch your vids and I'm only 11 and I know what everything means
  • vane_s.rUr amazing
  • angelinaamesaall these fucking eggplants are giving me a headache omf
  • hmidd😂😂😂😂😂 @angelina_mesa
  • kaitieemilyyU look constipated.. <3
  • luh.leciaHey shane dawson!¡!!!!!!!
  • maeva.dillingerI just took a shit
  • sierrralinnShane, you are my biggest idol ever!! I will seriously always love you. You have made me 10x happier since I started watching you, it's sad because I understand all of your jokes... I'm so glad I found you on YouTube and started watching you, I know everything about you.. Here is a summary: Your name is Shane Lee Yaw you were born on July 19th, 1988. You are 5 feet tall and you went to Lakewood High School. You have many songs on iTunes including f*** up, the vacation song and maybe this Christmas. You have a bunch of characters, Shanaynay, Ned the nerd, aunt Hilda, Paris Hilton and Shanna Mac Barbie blonde bitch hungry 69 :) your girlfriends name is Lisa (lisbug) and you guys own a dog name Unicorn (corny)... I also ship Shoey :D
  • sierrralinnPlease read this @shanedawson <333
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