NEVER forget where you started... #ThrowBackThursday

We get so caught up 👋REACHING, CRAWLING, BITING😬 our lip to get that much closer to what WE feel like is our GOAL🏆... It may seem at the time soooooooo far in the 🌁distance.  BUT STOP RIGHT THERE🚫. Take a second and look how far you have come😳... THIS DESERVES accolades.  It's NOT. About being satisfied🙅, its about realizing how much 🔥FLIPPING work you have put in and that ✳DEMANDS your acknowledgment and appreciation✳. Do NOT get down on yourself for the journey to come. Instead BE DAM PROUD of the journey you have made🙏. (Had to repost this pic and delete the one I previously posted, it was being stolen😑 and used in ways I DISAPPROVE of.. Can you say WATERMARK NOW?👌)
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