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  • veronicaWhat is that bird? I can never see it, only hear that sound.

  • iamnottomgreenIdk, but it's the word.
  • introvertedoneWhat part of the country are you in? Because that's almost like a Whip-poor-will. But different than an Eastern Whip-poor-will.
  • ivankautterI don't know but you are a sweet little cuckoo bird.
  • introvertedoneUm, I guess I could've looked at the location tag.
  • furbmansweet voice
  • kilooscarzuluIt sounds like a Laceneck Dove, audio file here http://www.internationaldovesociety.com/SeedSpecies/LaceneckDove.htm
  • mikenimatorSounds like an owl or a pigeon.
  • oscarjimenez11Is a Mourning Dove ;)
  • ajtronicSure does sound like an advertising call of a dove/pigeon. I grew up listening to these bastards outside my window, until I got a cat.
  • jupiternielsenIt's probably a zebra dove but might be a spotted dove. Both are super common on all the Hawaiian islands. Zebra doves are pretty small, spotted doves are pigeon size. I just moved to a new place on Maui and the spotted doves are waking me up every morning along with the Myna birds...
  • coachtruSounds like a mourning dove...?
  • jkanemaruWe call it the zebra neck dove in Hawaii.
  • ephammWhippoorwills make that sound.
  • joshbolesJust came back from 3 weeks in Maui and those birds were everywhere. It's a dove. Saw tons of them making that noise and lifting their tails; I assume for mating.
  • ibp726Here's a dove cooing. Pretty similar : http://youtu.be/SuLMpKx0LF0
  • jdeluna23I'm pretty sure it's the yellow or red angry bird...
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