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  • chrisaugustA little tv and pizza never hurts.

  • albeilyscastilloI love him
  • chuletewkYou love this new video part of Instagram...don't you. Lol
  • sadies_lovesfaithI like the part where you're all mm pizza 😛🍕
  • ashleykmiller815I can't handle it...lol...
  • anamgeeYep, I'll be right over! 😊
  • missarasunshineOhhh how I love you lol
  • chasealexanderYes, actually. Although I had copper river salmon and watched Avengers. Good times.
  • janetnvlaraHey God will cut you in the perfect girl one day @chrisaugust and then you publish great love songs about you and her.
  • jonana26@chrisaugust just saw this video now...love the glasses. heading into work. thank goodness it's friday. having a going away party for one of my best friends tonight. hope you have an amazing weekend!
  • mahhhriaI ♥ love ♥ you ♥
  • jaszilchCHRIS
  • christianamcarterPeople who say 'y'all' > everyone
  • brooke__culbreth@christiana_michel I hear that!!!
  • devoted1989"What are you up to? A fun- filled evening by yourself like me?" Hahaha. You are too funny!
  • texas.fit.chickHaha oh geez, If I had a penny for as many times as I've seen you post pics of pizza, I'd be rich.
  • artlamorLol
  • ashlynduchess@basicallyelinaa
  • corgisandweimsHehe...too fun! ;) I'm babysitting my friend's 98 yr old gramma! =)
  • akanfinrudMy Friday nights as a freshman in college consist of grocery shopping, midnight donut runs and pizza. I think we would get along being the partiers we are...
  • ladyvalofmarthavilleHey Chris it would really be awesome if mean you were best friends and hang out chill watch movies Pizza drink Dr Pepper's joke around saying gather you're really awesome guy I wish we were best friends I wish I can really know you that would be so awesome
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