Thanks to @chrisbosh for this great gift.. As you can see I'm treating it very well..#andimoff...
  • dwyanewadeThanks to @chrisbosh for this great gift.. As you can see I'm treating it very well..#andimoff...

  • seth_harris_9230Is that louis
  • t_d_thalocI know you dont know me but im a fan an i just wanted to ask you if you can send me one of them backpacks im asking because i mite not be able to by one of my own an i realy like that backpack its bomb but if not i will still alway be a fan of yours!!!!
  • nigeria.opapejuOpapeju
  • nigeria.opapeju@opapeju
  • jamar_colbertNice stance sock
  • ycpixI made 63000 likes! 😜 @dwyanewade
  • boricua_ballplaya787@dwyanewade it's honor bro for u making the pros I look up to u wade after what u said on the awards last and how u grew up I really broke dwn crying bro cause I'm really growing up the same way I live in the hood my self and all I'm doing is working on my fans every jus trying to make it out of here even wen I'm not on the court I think about basketball I really live the game as much as u do It jus hard to get in basketball camps cause if money wise so I'm out here tryna do my best thanks for the quotes and good things u have being doing for everything I look up too u alot man and one I will get to play on the same court as you I love the game 🏀💯😢
  • jcates123Can I have a shout out @dwyanewade
  • amy_barry1234Is that a private jet
  • daturemoawesome!
  • vette32301I have those same Stance socks!!!! Nice taste!!!
  • k__andretti@dwyanewade what kind of bag is this? Looks nice! And expensive lol
  • segiobyan18Is thate your private jet or somthing
  • jaimetabishWhich backpack is that?
  • zionsnider#stancesocks #punksandpoets
  • eltonspektorNice airplane @dwyanewade
  • princessjulliaPrivate Jet tho
  • avoiceoftheking@dwyanewade Due to your Past! Due to how you Grew Up! It Can Be Said Yes you Dont Qualify and You're in Last Place! So What They Dont like You! So What they Talk about You! What God has lined up for you is about to Blow Your Mind! The Favor of God is on your life and you can skip the line! Your Time is Now! Go get all God has for you! Continue to Dream in this Season! Write your Vision and Set your Goals! Expect Manifestation in this Season! Success is in your Bloodline! Prosperity is in your Bloodline! Greatness is in your Bloodline! Whatever your Hands touch will Prosper! Your Best days are Starting Today! God Bless!
  • j.rwells@j.rwellsink
  • j.rwellsGotta find out what kind of backpack this is dwade @dwyanewade God bless fam
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