My life, my best friend, my munchkin, my sunshine, my miracle, my son❤
  • snookiMy life, my best friend, my munchkin, my sunshine, my miracle, my son❤

  • sabrina_ella11People said you shouldnt have have a baby I think they were completely wrong he is just wanted you needed. His birth saved you in a lot of ways. Glad to see your not the other snooki anymore. I enjoy watching you grow
  • mpia_21@annie_1993 putaaaaaa your period
  • squidneygarrityYour an amazing mom snooks and you proved all the haters wrong. You look amazing and you are amazing. Way to go I'm very proud😊😘💕💪
  • leadaycoYou are probably the hottest mom EVER.
  • rihnavy_fentyCutest pic ever. He looks exactly like u I'm so happy for u . U became a better person . I loved u on jersey shore but I love u even more as a mom. Keep doing ur thing snooki
  • _nenalokitaLOL MINI JIONNI
  • marjol3in🍀🌹🍀🌹🍀🌹🍀
  • victoria_iceeU all are soo kute
  • minnesotamudpuppy27You are so strong and beautiful <3 always a role model
  • felisha_zilsHis soooo cute!!! And has awesome parents... Screw what people say! 😀
  • bitemeapple_signTo Cute
  • taylor.marie.martinCan you give this account @taytay112122 a shoutout plz. Its my other account
  • meshine_superstarHe walking yet?
  • tha.empress😍😍😍❤your a lovely mother
  • americanshowboyCute
  • nikki.hdzThis your cutest pic @snookinic
  • dkjzbIm sooo hapoy for you snooki you are proof that anyone can change for the love of their baby. AMAZED
  • hopeforbraxtonSuch a sweet momma <3 he's a beautiful little guy :)
  • jannekevanzeeU so sweet ♥
  • brittney.goodin@snookinic I have always loved you since the Jersey Shore days. But watching you become the amazing mother/fiancé you are makes me love you even more!! Those boys are so lucky to have you! You were a big motivator in my losing 50 lbs! Keep your head up. You're the only famous person I know who DOESN'T let the negativity get to them. Keep on Rockin girlll!! Love you! 😘
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