OFFICIAL: The @MiamiHEAT have exercised @MChalmers15's team option for the 2013-14 season.
  • miamiheatOFFICIAL: The @MiamiHEAT have exercised @MChalmers15's team option for the 2013-14 season.

  • g.autamHonestly i dont think we need mario
  • caiofernandeesFuck mario! Go buy kyrie irving point guarder
  • lowkey_teriaU guys are kidding right? We need Mario. If we didn't have him we wouldn't be here. Mario is one of those little pieces that fit the puzzle. Sure he turns the ball over and what not, and make stupid decisions, but some games, he shows up. Give him his credit. He played fairly well in the finals. So be quiet and stop saying we don't need him.
  • official.chrissssAll of y'all are some Mario haters
  • jamail_whiteMario played well in the finals against dallas last year against oklahoma city and this year against san antonio so all yall shut the fuck he plays big in the big games going back to his day in college and high school
  • fusiongfx@aaron_newland if you hate the heat, why are you on their instagram page?
  • fightsactiveNikqa u crazy @caiofernandees
  • giancarlosgucci_@phillymike5rings thanks yu ma nigga that's the truth chalmers plays well in big games! He better dan cole
  • samm.brown@biscuit cuz hes fukin 2 ft shorter than the center and forwards dip shit I don't think ur a true heat fan so u shouldn't be talkin
  • nickycuh@sam_brown53 do your saying hes 5 feet?
  • samm.brown@biscuit u get my fukin point he is shorter than the fwrds and center cuz HES A POINT GAURD NOT A CENTER ya he gets blocked did u see what happened to tiago splitter ya hes about 7 ft so just goes to show who hasn't got blocked so put that in ur juice box and suck it
  • nickycuh@sam_brown53 what about other point guards? Like derrick rose, hes only an inch taller than him and he averages about 25 points and almost never gets blocked and dunks on centers, and even tiago splitter got blocked by lebron who is about half a foot shorter than him so yeah. Anything else u ignorant snob?
  • alex_soccer719Ay the bulls r better than the heat
  • alex_soccer719Rose was injured last year
  • bigdaddyyusafNo nets are better than the heat and bulls
  • blakel16Shit Deron Williams is their best player
  • blakel16#1 lebron James
  • blakel16And Mario and Allen and bosh and wade and cole and Anderson and mike miller and haslem
  • schneid___Rio
  • chrismirvnda12@jackgardiner1_
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