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  • facebookPride gets animated on the big screen in Hacker Square at HQ. #prideconnectsus

  • joshuamadlHaha FaceBook thinks they're still relevant.
  • not_the_officialjoeFacebook has always been hip benbtancourt96
  • azo0oz_79@azo0oz_79
  • gracennnnncccWindy
  • iksvonomisFacebook bought Instagram. Read the news people. Instagram is a Facebook product by acquisition.
  • iamkhan__Cool
  • manayerabdAwesome thing u guys did with instagram
  • lauren.melaInstagram is changing/updating. As most of you have noticed, there is a new video update, and now you can tag people in your photos. This is raising concerns for me as Instagram is changing more and mor to be like Facebook. First video, then chat, wallposts, etc. Instagram is a unique app to share our photography and photos with a larger audience. So please, @instagram and @facebook , for the love of god and users everywhere please stop. - Sincerely a Concerned user.
  • pamelaxmartinezCool
  • funnyguyyouwishyoudidntknowWhat the hell is wrong with gay marriage @windaanthonypyro
  • windaanthonypyroJust is
  • jerry_is_goneChocolate
  • davidsonphotography@mrsmccluskey514 1. Marriage is meant to be between a mean and a woman in the bible, an ancient book full of flaws that doesn't apply to all there is in life that well, especially today. 2. If it's so wrong, then why does it occur so naturally in nature in plenty of species? Why would your god create so many people that way? 3. Loving another person isn't sickening. Being bigoted and hateful about something as sweet as love is.
  • noni_maree@mrsmccluskey514 you're welcome to an opinion but to call someone's love wrong and sickening makes you nothing but beneath them. No one asked you to agree with it but if you are going to deter people with words like that, then it is people like you that help make up the many that push gay men and women into suicide for it being considered wrong to have fallen in love with who they did. If anything, between a person loving who they want despite their gender and a person who is hateful towards people and could possibly cause their untimely death for their choice of love, you are the bigger sinner!
  • davidsonphotography@adambrauer Man, of course.
  • brejay__@tn_monique yes so true I agree💯 👏🙌
  • salwarslEnak ye tinggal di luar negeri. Kayanya kalem gitu pemandangannya. Kapan gue bisa kesonooooo? Facebook ajak gue dong @facebook
  • rugrats1222233Ubii the way @Cyborg -justice
  • dazzlingangel23I am bored..... r u?
  • _dallaswhisonantHa, gayyy
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