What a warm welcome I received in Madrid today for 'La Sociedad Juliette' thank you! #thejuliettesociety #lasociedadjuliette #madrid #spain
  • sashagreyWhat a warm welcome I received in Madrid today for 'La Sociedad Juliette' thank you! #thejuliettesociety #lasociedadjuliette #madrid #spain

  • w7odهالزمن خربان .. دام القحب.... تألف كتب وتنفد من السوق.. وكتب العلم مالها قيمة😪
  • k_eliseyThat coool book
  • c.bnxI want it now, but i'm from uruguay :( ¿cuándo lo podré tener? love you sasha :)
  • nikidelgad0FUCK!!! You are in Madrid anda I dont go to see you... When you go again? (sorry my inglish... XD)
  • nickolas_1998Шлюха
  • chopolopocholoIn chile NOW !!! Pelase
  • aloysflowersСаша Грей. Артист)
  • garavato_garavoVen a Colombia y firmame el libro ;-)
  • naschtam_matando e morrendo por esse livro traduzido
  • mermaidinamanholeI love the Juliette Society aka La sociedad Juliette. Greetings from Spain ;) u're very talented!
  • arturjesusSasha grey i hope to see you here in lima
  • ayanamarsСосипапа
  • boiler10@andrea_dery mi aveva detto che il titolo del libro sarebbe stato #50sfumaturedinegro
  • deathshredAbsolutely love the book! Would love to send something of our clothing your way! Please email me if you're interested! :) I'd be honored! yves@deathshred.com
  • giiadini@julieeeee_18 sei ovunque 😁
  • fanieoliveiraI read the first chapter and now I'm very anxious to read the whole book! I knew Sasha Grey when I saw the book Neü Sex in a bookstore and then I learned of the success she did in the movie directed by Soderbergh. After reading the first chapter of Juliette Society and Sasha's interviews in the brazilian media, I have only one thing to say: this book promises! #BrazilWaits4UMarina
  • fanieoliveiraP.S. Is it true that you had a band?! What was the name?!?!
  • ismaelalexis22He recorrido todo Concepcion, Chile. Para buscar tu libro pero no lo encuentro en ninguna libreria :( tebgo muchas ganas de leerlo! *-* <3
  • ainhoita30q fantastic book I do not think anyone left unmoved, bright, a fantastic start sasha, I wish you much success. after reading it I have looking at this social network, to transmitirtelo, I like the end as the protagonist cites, in this cynical world any author extol honesty above all else and his protagonist would betray q but the reality is that no in his situation would.thank you for this fantastic piece q reflects life as it is or can be .. kisses
  • ainhoita30@sashagrey
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