What are your 5 steps to happiness?
  • richardbransonWhat are your 5 steps to happiness?

  • theperuviansageGood brain chemistry, health, a great attitude, self-love, helping others :-)
  • danielbachmannSo many different forms of happiness... spontaneously from a spiritual level only, maybe being in a courageous, collaborative, caring and authentic way connected to the world to be able to make a difference and to be simply grateful for the miracle of life!
  • danielbachmannI think the high five picture reflects it even better than my definition, a picture says more than a thousands words..
  • seventeen8God, family,love, health, money
  • surfseasoulFresh air/sunshine, compassion, love, an open mind, friendship
  • parkandstormyDo what you love and nothing else, inspire greatness in others, build true relationships, always follow your heart, and dance!
  • reststromcray ape Branson, woz up
  • alexshavrovРичард, вы самый крутой! И в жизни и в бизнесе!
  • peeyushmalhotraLive for other people, love all, make friends, talk sweetly, do window shopping, travel in Virgin airlines
  • katingdaengGood food. Good health .good sleep . Good sex and lots of $$$$
  • cajsadilla1. Love 2. Husband 3. Kids 4. Food/wine 5. Everyday little things like a sunny evening, great day at work, kiss from husband, "I love you" from Nisse and a quiet evening with tv or book. Among other things...
  • joeladamrussell1.Jesus 2. trying to love people like Jesus - 3,4,5 (refer back to one)
  • showofflasvegasWater Sun Earth Air Love
  • shredder_05Live #likeavirgin @richardbranson x5!
  • donnachela5 steps to happiness , have you tried 9 days to finding yourself with avatar ? So cool
  • donnachelaAvatar compassion project I mean
  • meliky@joeladamrussell lol
  • dorothe500SO COOL! ;)
  • razorsyntax1) dream it 2) see it 3) work 4) more work 5) even more work
  • a_fostCan you get me a job?
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