Project: Bug Balance begins in earnest. Hope to make these irrelevant this summer.
  • cycleboredomProject: Bug Balance begins in earnest. Hope to make these irrelevant this summer.

  • why_pea_areI don't have kids (yet) but I do have a little brother that was having a hard time with learning how to ride. We tried everything, so my dad and I thought. I found a video on YouTube that explained the benefits of teaching balance before pedaling. So the video explained that taking the pedals off and lowering the saddle this allowing the kid to use his/ her feet to push and coast would teach them the necessary balance. Then introduce the pedals and then finally raiding the saddle to a comfortable height. My little brother was riding within the hour. Hope this helps.
  • alex.d.bacaSecond above comment. WABA classes teach kids and adults balance first by taking off the pedals and letting them try pushing, coasting, and staying upright. (I did this a few times before I put pedals on my road bike and was terrible at it, which may explain why I have trouble balancing on a bike while riding.)
  • off2ride@why_pea_are Try a 2 wheel Razor Scooter. My son used it before he learned how to ride his bike. His feet were low to the ground so if he was in a spot of trouble the all he needed to do was hop off. Only took a few days for him to transition. Good luck.
  • brentbentonDitto on the Razor scooter--my son picked that up on his own and then transitioned to a bike easily (and the purpose built Balance Bike was never even touched…it just hangs forlorn in our garage)
  • marccoppedgeTricycle > razor scooter > scoot bike > bicycle with no training wheels. The only things left to learn are starting and braking. My daughter rode the first time on a bike at 3.5 years. Proudest day of my life.
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