Home after her surgery. Proud of her. Love her so much
  • itsbubzHome after her surgery. Proud of her. Love her so much

  • jaaacqueline_aHe's trolling y'all & bubz.. he's love the attention. Why explain things to him when clearly he don't understand the meaning of having a pet as part of the family. First of all there's alot of animals out there that are alone and needs adoption cause some people don't care and be like eh let's get a better one, you should be glad she loves her dog rather then just throwing her dog away like some people would. If she has the money and can afford to have her dog get the surgery then why do you care. @usnmedic
  • shishi_mato@usnmedic u sound stupid as fuck. You need to go in a zoo with the monkeys for saying that @slice_of_pie WORD!
  • katieyu_@usnmedic you are a bitch 😊
  • mcamilamsd@usnmedic US Navy Corpsman? LOL!!
  • _cri5pymango@goatkult yes yes and yes
  • _cri5pymango@whoisandreaaa ily so much for that comment
  • dianosaurpang@usnmedic you know what? why dont u just back off and show some respect? goodness gracious. haven't u ever heard that saying where a dog is a man's best friend?(or woman's) plus, what if YOU needed surgery on ur leg and ur parents wont pay for surgery? how would you feel to be paralyzed for life?
  • usnmedic@dianethegreat if you read my previous posts my point is that a human being getting surgery vs an animal, a dog, getting surgery is a big difference! Did she give birth to this dog? It's not her child. People who treat animals at the same level as humans need to be put down. Also, most Asian cultures eat dogs for lunch and dinner so what do you think about that
  • mxrzl@usnmedic most Asians do NOT eat dogs dummy!?
  • solcerva@usnmedic you're a disgusting pig. How dare you say that someone who thinks of a dog as a family member should be put down. Shut the hell up! I hope you have a horrible life for the shit you just said. Only idiots think like you and that's why this world is going to shit.
  • usnmedic@solcerva you're extreme anger and use of vial hatred fueled words and wishing of terrible things only proves that you're the "disgusting pig" and I hope you find God because it sounds like you are closer with the devil...
  • floraaahhh@usnmedic first of all, im just stating that i never ate dog food in my whole life and i am Asian. 2nd caring for a dog is something nice. Her dog has just gone through surgery and im pretty sure that anyone would be very tired from a surgery.
  • nnilhsiahehe chubbis leg looks like a carrot lol
  • dianosaurpang@usnmedic not all Asians eats dogs ok? The point of keeping a dog is for company, and that's why @itsbubz here keeps her dogs
  • bmb2gtwhite boys like @usnmedic and his family need to be put down. period
  • charlottemoorcroftI'm praying for her!! X
  • alandacheering04She is so cute. I hope she gets better. #itsbubz
  • kingofthecatzDear @usnmedic can u just accept that she loves her dogs more than anything else in the world? If u think that animals shouldn't have medical care why is there even animal hospitals? I know that I'm on my cats account but his owner is Asian and that's me! I don't eat dogs and cats! I actually hate the way that they do that and I want it to stop! U said that thousands of dogs die everyday and that's because people like u don't even care for the animals and are totally selfish!So forget it !ur not gonna win this battle! Cuz u devil won't win against eat more than one thousand kind hearted angels!and a life can't be replaced by another one! Rush u could name it the same and it night look the same but it will not have the same personality.She only has one life with this fog and she is choosing to use it wisely so just back off! I think ur the one who belongs in the zoo!Not the animals
  • kingofthecatzDog**
  • alison.megrathY did Chubbi have surgery ??
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