Pat Riley is addressing the media right now at AmericanAirlines Arena
  • miamiheatPat Riley is addressing the media right now at AmericanAirlines Arena

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  • b.l.z.h@_chrisleach_ That's a great job to have and all the best on your injury but I'm going to have to disagree with you. Chris Bosh has been terrible not only in the playoffs but the whole season. But of all the players you mentioned, only one would fit youd description, and that one guy just got defeated in the Finals. Yes, Tim Duncan is the only guy that fits with the Heat, and it's not because of his post game. It's because of his mid range one. The Heat are filled with capable slashers in James, Wade, and even Mario when needed. Yes, they need a big man that can hustle at get rebounds, but only off the bench, and we already have arguably the best backup center in Birdman. What we need in the starting center is a big man who is capable of hustling, rebounding, defending AND capable of shooting mid range jumpers. Unfortunately the best is already retired, Bill Lambier. The closest right now is probably Dirk since Dirk made big improvements in defence and rebounding back in '11. But other than that, Chris is the only possible option.
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  • 13_srt_13@brandonlau_ well you're wrong. Without bosh they wouldn't win a lot of game this season( a game agains the spurs with his 3 point beating the buzzer and won it by 2 "if you remember this game") and in the playoffs(game 4 vs the spurs he scored 20 "but nobody gave him a credit they gave it to L James and D wade". Plus they got bosh to help the team in the diff and go along with the offense( and I mean about that, he will shoot if he had a clear view) so what I'm trying to say here is give him a credit in the defense if he ain't gonna get a credit for this offense) And I do agree that Tim Duncan is way better than bosh but you have to give bosh a credit to what he has done with the heat so far. And last year he was injured for the whole series against Indiana and against Boston he came and put some work and they won, and I'm not saying that bosh did it, I am saying he helped the team. So my point is " The whole team worked hard to win this back-2-back championships not just the big three( Ray Allen, MM13, Shane, haslem, the birdman, Mario...etc. Plus, D. Wade has been fucking up a lot( but Ray Allen be saving his ass) and nobody said nothing about it "WHY" that's aint fair bcoz nobody is perfect in this game. You have to have UPS and DOWNS.
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  • kaleb_carter12And also bosh got the game saving offensive rebound in game 6 and some key blocks @brandonlau_ @its_me_speedy
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