Lava rocks
  • veronicaLava rocks

  • iamnottomgreenYup. Lava DOES rock.
  • veronica@iamnottomgreen HAH
  • iamnottomgreen@veronica Woo! I got a shout out and a textual laugh. Rock; to become a rock.
  • jupiternielsenBoat tours of the Napali coast are awesome and koke'e above Waimea canyon is one of my favorite places on earth if you haven't done either of those yet. Coming to Maui or just Kaua'i? You have fans out here in the pacific!
  • davey74Great shot
  • veronica@sonicjup we did a boat tour last year and it was great!! Just staying in Kaua'i again this year, but we should probably expand our horizons next time :)
  • headless.horseBasalt voronois!
  • jupiternielsen@veronica Kaua'i is pretty darn nice so I can't blame you for continuing to go back. Maui is much bigger and has a good mix of things to do, I like it here :) I had some of my glass work at a shop in hanalei but the selection is pretty small now. check out my photos to see my Hawaii inspired Glasswork. Aloha!
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