• tshoxenreiderTheir love language.

  • lindsygriffisOh mine too.
  • feelslikehomeblogMine too! My kids love nothing more than when their father steamrollers over them. Weird!
  • brenners78Oh how I hurt for the kiddos who don't get this kinda love from their daddy. It's one of the greatest joys of childhood.
  • thelittlenestHa! Its like that with my hubby and kiddos too! So not my love language, though
  • genecorbitoThis is more like my love language with the daughter. Helps me lift weights too hahaha! We seldom do it now that she's 4.
  • rachaelstottIn my house its called 'crash tackles' :)
  • shaungrovesAnd a free workout.
  • ambertheblackso. fun.
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