#repost from my BFF @shunmelson she's been styling me and my bump plus the rest of the fam alllll day!
  • kimzolciakbiermann#repost from my BFF @shunmelson she's been styling me and my bump plus the rest of the fam alllll day!

  • lindyvictoria777This outfit is fab!!!!
  • crystalinamcmartinFlipppin love the outfit... You look great and think with the adorable bump...
  • littlejessiebHope it's a girl!!!
  • brandymarkeldo u knw the sex of the new budlle of joy? i hope kroy gets his lil girl, he is an amazing dad to them boy but mannn what a lil girl can do to ya!
  • kandihamiltonI think you should partner with Shun some investors and do a clothing line. We are tall people. Well I'm 5'11" with some uppers hint . There is nothing out there. If you buy it and wash it as directed still shrink. It might be crazy (me too) bb
  • mtruaxYou are so carrying diff this time!!!! Its a girl!!!!
  • _yyyynattirbYou're so beautiful & you make me want more babies! I only have 1 20 month year old girl but next we want a boy!
  • shawty2588Kim i hope u have a little girl
  • miss_sweetmelissaLove love love the dress! @kimzolciakbiermann
  • lisaellis_Kim you are perfect @kimzolciakbiermann
  • _thatgirlgeegee@kimzolciakbiermann you look fabulous being pregnant
  • simply_chevy@live_love_perfection
  • lovelyheartjDaaaaamn Kim u are pregnant again
  • lovelyheartjI'm so hating in a good way. ...u look fab as always
  • ktm71g@kimzolciakbiermann HOT MAMA...u need my résumé because you're sure gonna need the help. "Personal Assistant" here!! I'm close by and it'll be fun. Guaranteed! Reach out!!
  • 3t_kv97I love your show I just got hooked I can't wait for season 3 an I'm happy for you an your family you make me work harder to get where you are ....
  • missdanii__You look so good pregnant! And not pregnant of course!
  • sugarlippsI don't know how you do but you do it to death. Werk it Momma
  • only1missdeanaThat one's a girl Kim
  • baddestbeybossIt's a girl for sure because kim has two girls and two boys so it has to be a girl because kim always wanted a girl with her husband
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