How will you inspire the youth of tomorrow? @UshersNewLook #PresidentsCircleAwards
  • usherHow will you inspire the youth of tomorrow? @UshersNewLook #PresidentsCircleAwards

  • phylonaldsOur voice talk show @ourvoicelive
  • ericwalker_whatsrealU definetly don't with all the cheating you do. # starts with you
  • deleted12345tYourr too hot get out of the picturre3
  • g.hostingxoIs this the real usher
  • fashiondrivaqueenGod blesd your
  • _sbechaaDamn
  • _sbechaaHottie
  • niapowwwThe young mad right behind the lady is a powerful speaker. 👌 #NAACP
  • taylormayedcreationsIts funny that not a lot of people commented on the caption of this picture! If we introduce the youth to more math and science I think we would create a more about innovative generation of youth.....yes music and art matters but we need more young scientist mathematicians engineers doctors these career choices are ones that will be left vacant in the next generation we cave a shortage of these kind of thinkers and the government would rather feed hungry mouths then feed the brain.....I always encourage south of today to go to college and major in a field that has a shortage its no need to graduate from college and complain about the job market when the statistic for your fields hiring potential is online.....we need to encourage innovation within our youth and I make sure I share everything I know with any person that comes my way
  • brodiie.tMarry me baby
  • swizztopher#followus @swizztopher @howuseeit
  • brownskinwashereNo boo boo usher is taken!!!
  • aimee_lockyerOmfg usher has a lady friend
  • bertina_77@taylormayedcreations
  • bertina_77So very true thank you @taylormayedcreations #inspiring
  • mizzlivingwithpurposeI love empowering young ppl me and my sissy hoes to the juvenile.detention center and work with the youth there I <3 it @howuseeit
  • mizzlivingwithpurposeLol goes
  • pinkskyeeesJames,Tommy,& Brandon have made a huge impact on my life at UshersNewLook. Thank you so much for all you've done creating this organization❤️ . I will do good things and give back now and as i get older because of the change NewLook gave me . Hopefully youth tomarrow will look at me and say "i want to give back too!" And notice that it is actually "cool" and "feels good" to give back & never give up on their dreams .😆
  • glamouriche_makeupiTeach iGiveBack and iLove.
  • ems_again52#persistent
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