Signing autographs for #divergent
  • anselelgortSigning autographs for #divergent

  • lesley.villaThose people are so fortunate to be there!!
  • melllediiithSo like um when you coming to Australia, like we actually legitimately love you
  • ivana.bozicAHHHH
  • monaroshan_@sarashoushtari AHHH I WANT
  • _arimariexoxoI know this is pretty random but I just want to say how awesome I think you are not only as an actor but as a person! I think it's amazing how you are with your fans and that just shows me how great a person you are! All I know about you is what I have heard or read but I have learned a lot just from seeing how you are with your fans. So yes random (sorry) but I just wanted you to know I appreciate kind-hearted great people and I believe when someone is that amazing (as you are) they should be told!
    Thank you for showing me that! @anselelgort
  • summerkhan_COME TO MARYLAND!!! PLEASE!!!
  • the_geeksidePlease come to Nebraska. I know it is very rude to ask this of you, but your amaZhang and I think my state should be able to look at your pretty face. Sorry, that sounds stalker-ish. I know this is too much to ask, you have places to be and I'm asking you to go to another state, but please consider coming. Thank you for your consideration
  • the_geekside( mental high-five two fandom references )
  • jamihoffyour smile gives me strength
  • anseltagram🙆🙎
  • trisburgersI just would like to tell you that you are a inspiration to me. You are so very down to earth. I don't personally know you but you are one of the most down to earth people. I know that you probably won't see this but it would make my whole life if you responded. I'm not being thirsty. I just have loved you ever since Carrie You deserve every single one of your fans. You are amazing and never ever ever change. I will always always love you. And you are very very adorable and attractive and just ugh. You have inspired me so much to do what I want to do. I love you with all of my heart. I know that you probably won't see this because you have so many fans now (and you deserve them all) I hope you see this because I love you so much.
  • cudworth.kelseyWho did you play in divergent?😍💁
  • cudworth.kelseyOh!! I didn't even notice!!😂💁 @angie.mack
  • zdales@shelleyy_5 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️
  • chloeecohenn❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • carly_fronczakTHIS IS SO CUTE❤️💙😍😭
  • georginatorabiI want an autograf
  • abcdefghilmhMe too
  • thombre_supriya💛💕
  • baxrbarai WANT TOO
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