It's soooo hot in NYC today.
Thanks Iced Coffee!
  • bobbyflayIt's soooo hot in NYC today.
    Thanks Iced Coffee!

  • dayim27Cant be worst than Miami heat 
  • dejayouxUhh your hot
  • fcastillo17@Bobby, what are the chances that you would read and let alone reply my request is slim to none but I'll ask anyway. As an inspired cook can i please spend a service in you Bar Americain kitchen? I will help clean afterwards. Its okay if you acknowledge and simply say NO.
  • shorty2270Dude let's cook
  • thedoc1106Huge fan... You're my idol and my favorite iron chef
  • idreamoffalafel👌 @bobbyflay
  • debbodeeAhhh... hot in Canada too!!!
  • nrw1980Great chef...learned a lot from watching his shows!
  • carleycunneenI just met you in a pizza place!
  • alliebubba123Hey bobby. My BFF @linzy428 is obsessed with you. Obsessed is an understatement. She has blown up your Instagram photos and turned them into posters and put them all over your room. She's fascinated with this particular photo, she's never seen such an angle on a coffee cup. She loves it so much she is using it as inspiration for a full back tattoo. She also got a dog who is one month old and she named him Flay. If she ever met you she would probably need to go to the hospital for heart failure.
  • red98977777Hey Bobby Flay i want meet u
  • jalen930I am such a big fan of you. Every time iron chef America is on, I have to see if it's you who is fighting
  • sonofanut_Bobby you're my idol
  • red98977777Me
  • owneroprah@starbucks_14
  • amegirl21Thank you for letting me take a picture with you today! Huge fan
  • cpatt1989Let me make you one here in Cali!!!! Ill trade you for a coffee for a steak! @bobbyflay
  • cooolcaf@wonderinghood u
  • nichodemack@thecranebird never getting anything else.
  • cupcake_lover2017@bobbyflay you are never too old for Starbucks😀
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