Rejected ...
  • shanedawsonRejected ...

  • kacey.mackOf course lol jk
  • h4x0r1200PUPPY DO NOT WANT!
  • deleted_user1964Corny is like i want to die NOW
  • shelby_doucetteYour dogs like wtf r u doing..dont touch me Shane or I I will bite u ....lols
  • _reagandavies_Corny is so cute
  • _bulimia_I just want to say you and Liz are the cutest couple ever!!! <3
  • 666.x.420I wanna fuck shane
  • elizabeth5403Just wanted to say that i kinda like love u and thanks for making me feel like im important even though u don't know i exist and u probably will never read this much less respond but anyway thank you ilusm
  • gam3manI want da puppy!
  • victoria.bleu@botdffan1999 calm down now
  • kkimmy_15Awwwww I want it puppy
  • annaspencer22Oh no itz corny
  • mindyriderEight
  • egg_killer@_laryssaaaa_xx you don't need to die my friends did this to me last year and my teacher gave me good advice I will pass to you. Expand your horizons. It means to make friends that will stand by you and won't turn away when you need them.
  • egg_killerOh I see. 😎
  • egg_killer😬🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩. I 💙 🍩
  • egg_killerThat dog is so corny! * bu dum dum crash*
  • bluntbhrisShane dawson u are the most amazing funniest guy I know im a big fan I watch all your videos subscribe
  • bluntbhrisYou are amazing man one thing that would be the most EPIC thing ever in my life if u followed me back cant wait too see you next videos @shanedawson
  • _.harrington._Well I'm tired of scrolling
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