Video is up! Well, I'm excited. Should I not admit that? Anyways:
  • mobyVideo is up! Well, I'm excited. Should I not admit that? Anyways:

  • sweetallypeaAwesome job! More please!
  • b_a_n_n_e_dbravissimo
  • count_alexander@lobanned bravississississississimo!
  • anncmollerTotally admit it!
  • count_alexanderThe melody has been on my mind all day!
  • userandreiBeautiful
  • simonataudorI totally love it!
  • jozragaI'm not saying because you are Moby, but the video and the music is awesome !! I would have the same opinion even for an unknown artist !! Really great job!! Keep this coming , because it can change the world! 👍
  • raghunathyogiOh psyched to see it
  • rebe.lcmIt is perfect !
  • count_alexanderI wonder if you've read Daring Greatly, Mo? @richardmelvillehall
  • no79Awesome video, somehow reminds me of you in GO
  • wilkpicsI heard the new album is coming out on Arts & Crafts? Awesome. Great label! My hometown label.
  • ewarren10Great song, cool (but somewhat disturbing - in a good way) video. Spike Jonze has nothing on you, RMH!
  • raquelaly😎 Epic.
  • iluvtiggybooLove it!
  • tatarainbowI'm so sorry for my English, I hope I could express my feelings (if it possible at all). We were sitting and watching it with opened mouths, cause its really smth unexplainable, it just goes to ur heart and stay there... It makes u think about life and death, ur place in world and human's roles... It changes ur mind, that u can't express this feeling... That's all true, thank u, dear Richard, for this miracle, our congratulations with such amazing begging! Tanita & Max
  • polunelsonoh finally! well i'm excited too!!
  • juancfelicianoGreat video, loved the ambiance👍
  • mashadanilovMoby, you are a genius! Your music is a cure for me!
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