Raided the snack bar at the Google offices today!  Food makes me happy! 😜
  • brittanilouisetaylorpicsRaided the snack bar at the Google offices today! Food makes me happy! 😜

  • mayia_morrisAll I do is eat or snake all day
  • zehinai@brittanilouisetaylorpics, I dare you to go to a restaurant/ fast food place, and ask for Fluffery Unicorn Noodles and Shiny Pegasus Toast.
  • josi.tidemannMy yurple squnk says hi! and he was wondering if your unicorn would want to have a play date! (BTW a yourple squnk is a yellow and purple squirl/skunk)
  • ringojake41Bill Nye the Science Guy? Brittani Taylor the YouTube... Sailor?
  • annatappenYour YouTube videos are thr best! Love your s.o.s and the d.i.y videos too!
  • leahxcohenCan i pleeeeeeease be on Shout out Sunday?!
  • aleja1700100th comment
  • damonsalvatorekYou cat to be kitten me right meow!
  • damonsalvatorekDoctor:your pregnant woman: you got tone kid in me! Bahhahahahah
  • caralinemacdonalddWhy did the cow cross the road!?!? Answer : to get to the udder side πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
  • kingofjollyHey, we have something in commen!
  • alinaqu33nHaha it amazing
  • jon_nom_nomFoooood iissssss goooooodddd foooooodddd issss goooooodd in my tummy. :3 UNICORNS EAT FOOD. So @brittanilouisetaylorpics eats food and so do unicorns. Think about that...
  • quinndriscollGot milk?
  • caro.simningWhy did the chicken cross the road? Answer: to get to the awesome person's house! Pt 2 of the joke: knock knock! Who's there? The chicken! Think about it
  • mustacheluver11If u were a robber wat would u steal
  • xtqylorxLooking for cupcakes?
  • ishaa.tHahah I eat alot and I'm sooo skinny Im gonna be a pig soon
  • sashaspracticeVery funny Brittani
  • ashleymcdougall_lol same!
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