I'm ready for this vacation mom lets goooooo!!! ✈☀
  • ladynthetrampsI'm ready for this vacation mom lets goooooo!!! ✈☀

  • bentleythecavAre you going on a plane?! So cool!
  • ladynthetramps@bentleythecav yes we are 😁 Lady has been before but it's Gracie's first time
  • bentleythecavMy mommy's family lives pretty far away and she wants to bring me to visit them, but she doesn't want to put me in cargo but she doesn't think I would fit overheard. What do you do?
  • ladynthetramps@bentleythecav how much do you weigh? No dogs go in overhead! They fit under the seat in front of you. Lady is 16 lbs and fits into the sleepypod air carrying bag. Gracie is 13 lbs and fits into the Sherpa Amelia. But if you are travelling to another country there are a lot more restrictions and most don't allow dogs in the cabin.
  • samantha_lyn236@bentley_royce How much do you weigh? My mama flies me in cabin under the seat in a Jet Blue doggy carrier all the time. I always fly AirTran so don't let the JetBlue carrier throw you off ✈
  • brunothecavalierWhat kinda bag do u use? I have tried so many bags but bruno fits in no one.
  • bentley_royceThis is interesting info because mommy wants to take me on a flight to Texas! Do you take a sedative to help you stay calm during the flight?
  • bentleythecavI weight 22 lbs and live in the US! What airlines do you think I can fly on? @sircoopercavie @ladyandgracie
  • ladynthetramps@bentleythecav We live in Canada so I am not sure, but I would just check out the pet policy on the websites of your favourite airlines. Unfortunately 22lbs might be too big though to fit in a carrying bag :(.
  • ladynthetramps@bentley_royce I give them children's gravol chewables, I think it's called dramamine in the states. We just saw the vet today and he told me to give them 25 mg each. He did say that the opposite effect could happen though so test it out first!
  • ladynthetramps@brunothecavalier how much does Bruno weigh? The best one I have found is the Sleepypod Air, it's a bit pricey but really great quality. Lady is 16lbs and fits fine but I would guess that any dog much bigger would be a bit squeezed in.
  • bentleythecav@ladyandgracie uh oh mommy may have to put me on a diet 😁 or we can drive 🚗 she would be way too scared to put me in cargo!
  • brunothecavalierBruno weights 10kg, i dont know how much that is in lbs
  • ladynthetramps@brunothecavalier thats about 22lbs so I think you might be a bit too big for a soft side carrier.... The problem with the sleepypod is they dont sell them in stores (that I am aware of) so you'd have to order online without trying first.
  • brunothecavalierYes i think too. Im looking further
  • levinglife_on_sunidaesOh so adorable!!
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