I can't even think abt a wig and makeup with this heat!!! Thx @briellebiermann for my headband I love it! Quick and easy!! #prego #offtoday
  • kimzolciakbiermannI can't even think abt a wig and makeup with this heat!!! Thx @briellebiermann for my headband I love it! Quick and easy!! #prego #offtoday

  • missyforrestLike ur real hair better. I wore a wig during chemo & hated it!
  • kandihamiltonYou should wear your hair like this more. It's a flirty style
  • raven.kidderKim, I never comment on celebs pictures bc I know you have enough to filter through, but I am being SO serious when I tell you, you are STUNNING without makeup. Seriously, you look 10 years younger! I know wearing makeup makes us all feel more beautiful and I'm not telling you to cut it out completely...but if you seriously just toned it down, you would be absolutely flawless bc the REAL you IS!! I couldn't believe the pictures I saw of you with little or no makeup. Just think of how you felt about yourself from season 1 and how much you've toned the makeup down since then. These are just my thoughts, but girl, I think you are naturally BEAUTIFUL and an incredible mother and I just wanna see more of that God-given beauty!! :) @kimzolciakbiermann
  • shirley.hernAre you a mom
  • mariatohomidesDid they catch your ass smoking. That sucks
  • jessi1971@amy_movs you could pull off this look 👍
  • _itswhitney28@kimzolciakbiermann where did you get the headband?
  • livs24_Pretty :)
  • delitekreationzI don't know why you would wear a wig got hair is beautiful @kimzolciakbiermann
  • lesbianprincess_How many kids do u have?
  • a_a_r_o_n_95@emilyy_ann96 she has 4 right now and she's having twins so she'll have six!
  • ooothatsgood_Love when you wear your hair it is so pretty and natural
  • smoochswimwearSo I'm going back blonde ... That's it ! @silzycake
  • silzycake@houseofsmoochswimwear adorbs. 🎀 I can't decide on my hair fml
  • lstaid740You don't need a wig, you have have gorgeous hair naturally!
  • seweet_cheeksI love this style how do you do it?
  • mariapagan1177I love your natural hair... Really!!! Beauty
  • evelyn_pinkI love your hair bow where did u get it ????
  • remythatneega@just_cecee
  • dorkcaserKim! Yes, this! How do I make my hair do this?! A tutorial, yes, that would be amazing! Clips always fall on me when I try to achieve this look... Ps I fricking love your ass. Well, you know what I mean ❤️ @kimzolciakbiermann
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