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  • shooooook2nd day in a row I saw you. Not stalking you. I should also mention I have no desire to have intercourse with you. I just want to BE your best friend.
  • shooooookMy girlfriend just yelled we love you. She might want intercourse
  • mikevasqThe infamous five fingered point.
  • dwight_clubCan't wait to hear it! Hopefully bit killer jones doesn't screw it up!
  • maddytaylor85Ha ha u blatantly signing to @bryancallen to shut the fuck up!
  • stevemedel1775Bryan , u fuckin Dough Goat !! , please learn to use IG ,, sincerely your Great Fan .. (Singular)
  • jennifergonzalezDamn! Those arms 😉
  • ewest84Something nice. #tenminpod
  • gsreatestFunniest shit ever
  • davelindquist@chrisdelia major points to whomever owns where you taped. I have that The Warriors framed as well.
  • wesleyriotIs Chris pointing with all five fingers? Hahahaha
  • crawfdoggCome to PORTLAND OREGON bruh. And that's s'obvious (I'm not funny)
  • alecjoseBryan's hair looks about as good as his career.
  • billdelia5 finger point #genetics
  • lace.in.space^hilarious^
  • danielguntonim kinda tired
  • danielguntonaka the degenerate
  • bicepslikeboesenDoes Bryan have a stationary mic because his old man muscles get s'tired holding it up like you?
  • liamneesonsfromtookenHey it's Chris Delia (aka Anne Heche) and some Dough-Goat-P-Popper that knows s'little about comedy.
  • kyrannioCool but hey look!! The warriors!
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