Tap video for sound
  • labnol#office #blog

  • siddheshjThis looks good! How useful is the imac , for what tasks do you use it?
  • liewcfMay I know the mic model?
  • labnol@liewcf - that's a blue yet http://www.labnol.org/setup/
  • mothivenkateshThanks for presenting your office video :)
  • arunonlineIt shows as a pic for me and no video. I did update instagram yesterday to the latest version
  • liewcfthe Instagram video doesn't load. I thought it is 1 frame video.
  • rohilla_aakashI think this is an old video. I have seen in some photos that you have two monitors. Am I right.
  • shueqrymy eyes glued to the Apple logo
  • nitinmaheta2 Wall watches? and both showing different time?
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