Celebrating a couple days early is completely acceptable when it means you get free cake.
  • laina622Celebrating a couple days early is completely acceptable when it means you get free cake.

  • katana409happy birthday =]
  • ell_moneyy@cathymedinaa I give no fucks about my attitude, thanks. I'm sorry I grew up in a world where I didn't have access to technology until I was in high school. I believe it should still be that way. I also think that the younger generation is way too privileged. I have no shame in my beliefs, therefore I also believe I can say what I want. Thank you. You're dismissed.
  • ell_moneyyChildren spend way too much time invested in technology when they could be sticking their heads inside a textbook helping to create a better tomorrow. Instead their parents choose to let them do what they want. Excuse me for being on the side of intelligence and against arrogance.
  • nickewongHappy Birthday! :)
  • llailya76Happy Pre Birthday. Hope you have a great one!
  • llailya76I only get a birthday every 4 years... :)
  • jerridprimeHappy birthday lovely lady Laina!
  • cpt_antoinehapy birthday, ^^ !
  • queen._.sarahHappy Birthday... wish i were there to tell you in real life but would be too shy and run off even before i got in the same city
  • phonixrmfSelamat ulang tahun!!!11 :D
  • lmho8Lol
  • asms323Happy b-day c;
  • parkerparsonsHappy belated birthday💖💕
  • koowakjaiHappy bday :)
  • hellokittybee11thats a awesome birthaday desert <3 oh yeah and HAPPY BIRThDAy!! <3 ^^
  • amandanaponteHow old r u turning?
  • amandanaponteOr were u?
  • gracemcoughlinbeautiful(:
  • recovering.fighterhappy birthday 6 months late
  • recovering.fightersorry I'm late, I've been preparing for months
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