• enewsIt's official: Kim & Kanye named their baby girl ✨North West! ✨

    Get the details (and learn her nickname) at eonline.com!

  • gigil329Hmmmm... @chennyu Michael Jackson... not weird at all...lol...
  • gigil329Less than 24 hours born, the Royal baby is proudly displayed for the world to see. That's class... Just sayin'....
  • royal.riahNorth west?? 😂😂#jussayin
  • e_life_7@letty__7
  • miss_passions❤👍😍😘
  • thug_vinceIts probably north south west.or north east west
  • lyssa.be11aCompass. Kim's been around. Js
  • manaladraLol haha
  • xenilicious😂 Awful. Poor baby
  • emaleefreelenPoor kid
  • angelaaussemPoor poor kid
  • zareennayyarWhy would they make a joke of their kid's name? Who does that?
  • aidaax:))))))
  • mnal9898وش ذااااااا االاسم. من جدهم. r they serious!?!
  • ase1_Good love
  • safi416What a weird name
  • marimar1988شمال غربي
  • reem_2501At least theyll always b able to track her on gps lol
  • narely_xThere so weird! And kanye calls hom self yeesus or sum. How distespecting to Jesus. Like he should jump of a cliff stupid kanye
  • julieb1946It's. OK name. People. Don't. Name. There children. Old school. Names anymore. The times. Have. Change
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