Every second away from the farm is another second closer to #Bonnaroo 2014! #radiatepositivity
  • bonnarooEvery second away from the farm is another second closer to #Bonnaroo 2014! #radiatepositivity

  • biscaynedutchmasterDear god how true this is. #campbobafett
  • betsycosmicThe first 2 roos were the only ones that weren't sellouts. Real family stopped going after the first two it's CUSTA-ROO.
  • frankegoestohollywood@katybeth_trapp damn right ✌😄😄
  • supergenericnameRelevant?! Mumford is huge right now, Paul and Tom are both legends. Coldplay and foo fighters are much less Relevant. And phish was just there. @_gogozombie
  • supergenericnameHaven't heard a new good Coldplay song in years
  • supergenericnameI'd definitely see foo fighters though
  • supergenericnameIf you want bonnaroo to last a week do #cleanvibes . Free ticket, free staff shirt and bandanna, tons of ground scores, and a lot of the coolest people I met all weekend.
  • ecrabb311Make bonnaroo a week omg best idea I have ever heard, seriously. Add free showers to that and it's the best week imaginable
  • mahoganyhands@jraub18 woohoo! I <3 WB
  • _gogozombie@immikejones i was waiting for someone like you to teach me a music lesson. Mumford isnt as new as you think they are...
  • supergenericname_gogozombie sorry I wasn't trying to sound like a dick, I know they aren't new they're just on their blow up
  • supergenericname@_gogozombie
  • _gogozombie@immikejones it's all good! I guess i just want all the bands i love lol 💜💜🎶
  • awhatch93MAKE THIS YEAR 100 PERCENT FREE!!!!!!!
  • ronaldmcdickI like body paint
  • sugarmoonloveThe day this festival is free then that would be the end of the world right?? I mean every festival should look to Woodstock for inspiration. It is possible to have a beautiful festival for free or even very affordable. It was and always should be about the music and being DIY and sustainable not about forking money.
  • darleendennoHonestly Bonnaroo is the cheaper of music festivals. It takes money to do beautiful things sometimes.
  • quinney3441woodstock put its promoters into massive debt and wasnt intended to be free
  • jreciI think I gave u some leaf
  • sapphireroadmusic👌
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