Tap video for sound
  • chazzwhiteLast day of spring

  • 0hiolukeSadly Androids Instagram update isn't in the play store yet. But I'm confident when it arrives it will be far better than Vines lame attempt at an Android app.
  • _khalilah_Landed here after reading your post on mashable. Thanks for the quick tutorial!
  • myrealtorbrunoLove this!
  • hamzaericWhen will the Android app for @Instagram 4.0 be available...I want to use #InstagramVideo
  • notjustagrannyTerrific news!!! Hope its available on android soon. Tnx for the tutorial via Mashable
  • lesfrancoeurIn the first shot of the front yard - what is making the video look like it's swinging around? Like, it goes out towards the trees and then pulls back inward when swinging around to the right. Is this the result of an effect within instagram or was that just how it was shot?
  • fox.printnice
  • chazzwhite@lesfrancoeur: That was the way I shot it, moving the camera out the window as I panned right.
  • hypermusedIf I was the MD of Vine, I wouldn't be happy about this. It was just starting to take off too. Meanwhile, I've made a vidgram(?) of a dancing sheep. :D
  • itsmillertime1999I'm on a Galaxy s3 and im wondering how do you play videos???
  • shawldawlsnicely done!
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