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  • jayzombieVideo on Instagram is here and, honestly, it really is going to change the way we view and capture the world around us (again). I can't wait to see even more of the incredible moments and experiences captured in your world come to life right here on Instagram. So proud of all the hard work my team has put into this in order to bring the image above to life and I am CRAZY excited for y'all to download Instagram v4.0 today to see it in motion! You can also read more about it over at blog.instagram.com :)

  • jayzombie@fashiongurl112 Never.
  • jayzombie@fashiongurl112 it's never ever ever true. Forever. It's a rumor and you should tell people that we'd NEVER do that. You know those chain emails/FB posts where people tell you your best friend will die if you don't repost in 15 seconds, which is horrible and totally untrue? This is the same thing.
  • agoenk.madecool..
  • maxsokolowGooooood)
  • ashleystillsonis this the boardwalk in santa cruz?
  • aguynamedpatrickSo good.
  • salete29Marvelous !:)✨👏👏👏📹✨
  • nicofabianThis is an amazing video. Realy like it but it's a lil bit to short. This video must be longer! But awesome👍
  • jatyne75I went on one of those things before yeah I almost threwup
  • erikcuddiePerfectly put so true I almost threw up too
  • 702danaellis#yourworkisstellar :)
  • ask4moohappy:)
  • nerak000@karenpoulain mira ñ_ñ
  • denzelgolatt@jerseang 😧
  • tobiasz_95<3
  • dwalsh1029@Emmyboo9 yea
  • wsan10خياال👍
  • ancienmAmazing video!!
  • todaygraceisfunnyOnly the best ride at any amusement park (ok I admit I can't do roller coasters but stilllll)
  • inthemissioncv@gianinnasiuffi
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