With the "Push Girls" Angela, Tiphany, Mia & Auti!
  • katiecouricWith the "Push Girls" Angela, Tiphany, Mia & Auti!

  • ambra_joTiphany is a Family friend and from my hometown! Go Push Girls!!
  • leeka31@sigsauerbillydbangbang u shuddnt say that...god is watchn u...
  • laurettieThey are gorgeous!
  • lovenunity@sigsauerbillydbangbang that is such a rude and immature thing to say! Get a life!!!
  • lovenunity@sigsauerbillydbangbang idiots?? Really? Something's you just don't say!! But clearly you were not taught that or manners for that matter! It's just plain disrespectful
  • lovenunitySome things *
  • burton_burton_burtonThis show has really opened my eyes to their world. Great show.
  • sarahburnz@ebarnyak PUSH GIRLS
  • triciatb59These women are such inspirations! I am handicap and try just about anything anyone else would do. I love watching their show and can't wait for Katie to come on.
  • _nataliecampbell@paige_nally hey now, that's not very nice. 😮 I'm 15 years old and I don't even talk like that. Katie is a beautiful woman who doesn't ever deserve to be called that. That's cyber bullying and if she reads that, what do you think she'll feel? She would never call anyone that, and she isn't even one. She's gorgeous and modest. I don't want to start a fight, but Katie is one of my role models and I don't appreciate that comment.
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