Yes, I am watching you!
  • davematthewsbandYes, I am watching you!

  • debdroz😍😘
  • denisesarriThe best
  • blueeyes681Dave if your listening...please consider having a family area at your concerts! Took our sons 11& 13 who are huge fans & serious musicians themselves (dad's a band & choir teacher) - they can play & sing your songs but were surrounded by people smoking marijuana all night & could not see because of crazy people around us. It cost a fortune and was a real bummer for them. We love you so much and have been fans since the beginning. Have not missed any shows when u are in town. It was our kids first huge rock it was sad to be a bad experience!! A family area (people with kids 5-15) would be awesome at the concerts. 😊
  • blueeyes681P.S. sorry I spelled you're wrong! 💛
  • michelehope@blueeyes681 has an awesome idea about the family area.
  • amfitzThere was a family area at SPAC this year!!!
  • inwonderland93@blueeyes681 family area is a great idea, I'd also live my son to go to a show, however, having never missed a totally knew what you were in for!
  • tinawh87Watching you too!
  • kapazza@amfitz I was at SPAC, where was it?
  • anniebsunflowerAnd I am dreaming of you!!!! Xoxo
  • luisimarieLo amooooooow!!!
  • smpetey@petey2411
  • sarahcjcannonCan't wait to see u all in Indy tomorrow and Saturday!!!
  • cmmaasSee you tomorrow!!!
  • rissaraeraecan't wait to see you in Hershey PA on my 21st birthday!!!!!! Wahooo. Forever love<3
  • niemo812Oh damn!!!!
  • dmbjamz14 days til another EPIC ALPINE!!! Celebrate We Will!!!
  • arendtgardSee you tonight at klipsch!!
  • su_gar_beggs_😍❤😍❤
  • cjklucyMercy me!!!!! How did I miss this??? Miss you! How was the show this year??? @lauren1899
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