First exercise in school! Love AAU, so far. 3rd day! 😸
  • ravensymoneFirst exercise in school! Love AAU, so far. 3rd day! 😸

  • brookemysGo WBMS🎊
  • beardedbear26That's amazing! Great start :D
  • itsarieonaYou're really good at artwork! Keep it up :)
  • kingofinstagram11Did u draw that @ravensymonecp
  • heatherobinson0I go to.wbms co
  • j.aia.naWhoa
  • jafookesGO ART!!! Raven u are so funny hahaha! "Ya nasty!" -thats so raven
  • oneelevengirlOh. The school I wanted to go to :-/
  • kingmikemediaWho's your instructor for this class?
  • _vinisahUhm ... raven? I am an aspiring young artist .. and i admire your talent with your drawings ... do you think you coukd give me some constructive criticism on my portraits .. please? @ravensymonecp
  • laughingbrwnie@caitlinkerrigan What school does AAU stand for? I was thinking Academy of Arts University.
  • boocoobeautyWhat a coincidence?! I have just found a new love for art..! 👌
  • msrocky619Nice great job!
  • hellosuchiinI got so sick of doing these... And THEN I had to do a dollhouse... Needless to say, I spent the night in that art room D:
  • jimmy_intercomI dig your artwork.
  • jeeah_dancegirlI love your artwork so much! It's so good and so beautiful to look at! What does AAU stand for? Does AAU stand for Academy of Arts University or Atlanta Arts Institute & University? I'm just curious! @ravensymonecp
  • mzerydayismyday@dominique921
  • thisbebrittbDraw what you see shade what you see #besttips #advice not too bad keep up the good work
  • drawings_angeli@b_alshaikhi @noon_4ever @amomentofpeace @ladyano شوفو رايفين ❤ اللي تشبهوني فيها طلعت زي بالظبط تحب ترسم كمان شوفو رسماتها في حسابها ❤❤❤❤
  • will probably never meet you or ever get an opportunity to speak to you, but You have been my idol since elementary school, and I'm 24 now. I created so many Raven Symone fan pages from my grade years, it should be a crime lol. Anyway you are an inspiration to me personally and an incredibly talented individual. I don't think many celebrities realize how idolized they are and how important they are to their fans, but I'd have to say you do not fall in that category. @ravensymonecp Thanks for being awesome
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