The perks of having nice little sisters. @unfabulousmuch_ helping me pack gifts to take home. @fortheloveoflucky also helping. Lol
  • eudoxieeThe perks of having nice little sisters. @unfabulousmuch_ helping me pack gifts to take home. @fortheloveoflucky also helping. Lol

  • susiemmakerWhy don't we all send a gift that we deem more appropriate then!
  • unitedsistersbostonJust saw an article about this.. instead of having a discussion about why black dolls are important, we rather take you up on the suggestion to send you black dolls to your Atlanta office when you return. Our email is Please shoot us the address. Thanks!
  • luvv_breezyOmgg! I'm just now seeing this but its a damn shame to know that I even live in the same country as u sick minded ppl. How dare u claim racism off these innocent enter gifts for these innocent children who have no idea wtf a race is ! They're prob so excited they got a gift they forgot to evn look at the color. That's sad man & @mia_miaaaa blah blah Oprah said BLAH! OPrah was wrong lil girl and so are you.
  • mlleludy2@eudoxiee, cette polémique est absurde. Moi, je suis contente pour tes cousines et tes nièces. Elles s'en fichent de la couleur de leur poupée. Les gens, surtout les noirs, cherchent à faire des polémiques idiotes. Ils sont saoulant avec leur affaire de poupée noire. Tchipp!! Tu es africaine et bien plus que certain qui veulent te donner des leçons de moral à deux balles.
  • sani_tSmh......
  • mzrhetmsladySeems like ppl are always making everything a racial issue. Funny how some saw your pic and only saw color/race. I saw the pic and saw gifts of love, the color of the dolls didnt even cross my mind until i read the comments. Its ppl like this who keeps the race thing alive today. @eudoxiee i hope you enjoy the rest of your time w/fam....please do not let the negative comments matter. Everything u r doing is from your heart and thats all that matters. When u r doing a good thing from your heart you u dont stop to think what color of something u should pick, u just do it and know it comes from a place of love.
  • foxxybrownskin80But if you really check your history, All people came from Africa! Africa is the motherland, That not only black people in Africa, They are white people there also born and raised. Smh! So sad. I know everyone has an opinion But damn smh again!
  • tekeyakrystalAmen to the intelligent thoughts of @mia_miaaaa ! I also read about the experiment with children choosing between black and white dolls . I agree with you , the dolls should have been multicultural . I can't say I agree with your thought of relaxers being a form of self hate ; I get relaxers b/c it's easier , not because I hate myself . Maintaining natural hair is hard work that my busy schedule and low funds dnt allow ; getting a relaxer every few months and throwing my hair into a wrap or a ponytail is less expensive and less time consuming .
  • searcymama365@omerta440 niggers really???
  • luvluvvvvvThis is really sad. Eudoxie clearly had nothing but love and compassion for her family. It is very unfair and I think hurtful to be so critical of someone's personal decision of kindness and generosity towards her own. Her rant was clearly a response of frustration after all the unnecessary backlash (not saying it was the best choice, but we are all human right? And even celebs hurt and anger when been tormented). Point number 1, Eudoxie comes from Gabon, like many African countries the racial tension and history is not the same as the Americas's and we shouldn't automatically impose or judge based on that especially since the child is also African and probably has no knowledge of the culture here. As a nationalized citizen myself, I empathize with all the horrors of the past blacks have endured but to simply criticize without seeing her view is just wrong. Point # 2 Out of curiousity, I am not clear on her racial background but assuming she is of mixed background, does this whole White doll/Black doll argument still apply?? It's always intrigued me how confusing and perhaps a bit of a torture it must be to someone who is indeed mixed yet are forced by mainstream America at times to not acknowledge their other half and only identify as 1 over the other.
  • love.muffin.13@eudoxiee hopefully you read this message. It is sad that people are taking what is a beautiful sentiment and making it about race. I am a black woman with black children and while I prefer to buy my daughter African American dolls I don't discourage her from playing with or having dolls that represent different ethnicities. We don't live in a bubble this we shouldn't have our children living in one. I want my children to be well rounded so they interact/play with children of all races and their toys represent the world we live in. A world where there is more than just Black and White. So rather than make this a negative post about the dolls you took home to gift to less fortunate children. I commend you on giving back and being a down to earth humble individual stay true to you. 👍
  • __thenailgirlYal make a big deal out of anything most dolls that are sold are white most of yal had a white doll it's very hard to find black ones its not even that serious stfu
  • chiqafriqueLyk seriously! white doll, black doll who gives a shit? Y'all get a life it's jus a fucking doll
  • lilbirdladyI would like to know to
  • slimgaldehReal tings deh!
  • qichellelol the paragraphs. anyway, so kind of you @eudoxiee !!
  • egocentric_88:(
  • medina_a@eudoxiee I am interested in sending dolls/gifts to needy children on the African continent. This may be a terrible excuse but ...I don't know where to start
  • jayy_jayy_elle@eudoxiee reminds how my family and i would do when gping back to Laos
  • king_tyty90Lol like seriously i tink u guys r jst crazy she is jst being nice putin a smile on those kids face is a blessing to her who cares abt d color of d dolls...human r jst strange u complain abt evrytin good or bad@eudoxiee God bless u for ur kind heart
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